20 Electrical Ebooks Free Download

Today I was very lucky maybe. At that moment I was confused to find the download link books relating Electricity, I accidentally found a site that provides free services. There are even other books are available on this site. Truly free is not it?
In order to maintain and protect the rights, I suggest you to go directly to the site via the link provided at the bottom of this paper.

Some of the books offered on this site are:
1. Electrical Facilities Safety (PDF)
2. Electronics Tutorials (HTML)
3. Op Amp Circuit Collection (PDF)
4. Digital Logic basics (HTML)
5. 555 timer circuits (HTML)
6. Handbook of operational amplifier applications (PDF)
7. Electromagnetic Fields and Energy (free college textbook online) (HTML)
8. Classical Electromagnetism by Richard Fitzpatrick (HTML)
9. Directory of Ebooks by Pacontrol.com - 54 ebooks (PDF)
10. Electrical Science (PDF)
* Electrical Science Volume 1
* Electrical Science Volume 2
* Electrical Science Volume 3
* Electrical Science Volume 4
11. Lazar's power electronics guide (HTML & PDF)
12. Electric Motor Controls Tutorials (PDF)
13. gerbv - A Free / Open Source Gerber Viewer (Software)
14. PCB - printed circuit board interactive editor for the X11 window system (Software)
15. Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation (PDF)
16. Automating Manufacturing Systems with PLCs (PDF) - 11Mb
17. More PLC stuffs - Basics, Glossary, Laws (PDF)
18. Process Control Fundamentals (PDF)
19. Ebooks from Texas Instruments (Source: SMPS.US)
* Introduction and Basic Magnetics (PDF)
* Magnetic Core Characteristics (PDF)
* Windings data (PDF)
* Power supply transformer design (PDF)
* Inductor and Flyback Transformer Design (PDF)
* For the remaining 7 ebooks (click here and scroll down under "Unitrode seminar handbook magnetics"
20. Lessons In Electric Circuits (Posted before, but worth re-mentioning) - HTML & PDF
* Volume I - DC
* Volume II - AC
* Volume III - semiconductors
* Volume IV - Digital
* Volume V - Reference
* Volume VI - Experiments

Thank you and may be useful.

Information from: http://www.getfreeebooks.com/?cat=18

Selecting automatic with PLC control system.

According to you, Brand is the best plc for now?
Every individual must have an opinion different about what we put PLC to control a machine to work with automated systems.

In this year, many companies that issued their PLC products. Although it was basically all have the same function. Only the difference may be the way of programming, or code, of each brand has its own characteristic symbols. But believe that all it has a purpose and uses the same although different Brand.

Probably from every company has different habits in using the device. As an example, in the past where I work, the engine was operating when many use the Brand Omron and Mitsubishi. Although in fact there are also some products from the European machines that use Siemen brands Plc.

And what is the difference?
Everything is pretty much the same. And it also can function well if the device is in the berries are also good programs. Now you are confused to choose?

hehehehe ....
No confusion ... because, Products currently has a good and full Quality.
You just have to make choices to fit your machine will do. Consideration is that a cheaper price, input and output of the PLC must be in accordance with the needs of the machine. For what if the small-capacity engine, but you buy Plc with a large capacity? would be detrimental in terms of funds or can seem wasteful.
But I suggest, to give an empty place at the Output / Input PLC. Because of this if you do, if you are at a certain time to make changes or additions to the engine capacity, then it would be very easy to do.

Good luck hopefully Success


- Vacuum circuit breakers maintenance should be based on the manufacturer’s instruction , generally at least once a year or every 2,000 operations, whichever occurs first
- Breakers should be inspected every time after a severe fault interruption
- Remove breaker from its enclosure

- Use a clean, dry cloth to remove all dirt and moisture from the surface of vacuum interrupters and all insulating parts
- Check the contact erosion by measuring the spring plate over-travel
- Modern vacuum interrupter has an indicator or marking to show that the level that the interrupter need to be replaced

- Check the condition of vacuum by performing an A.C. high-potential test at 70% of final factory test value for 1 minute. If the test fails, replace a new vacuum interrupter
- If no factory test value, use the formula :
70% x (2 x rated voltage + 1 Kv) a.c. at power frequency ; or
(2 x rated voltage + 1Kv) d.c. if no a.c. test set is available

- Check other operating mechanism similary as with ACBs mentioned earlier
- Operate the breaker manually and electrically several times to make sure the breaker is operating properly